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Aerotech Evolution TSA BIKE BOX

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If you have spent a significant amount of money on your bike and you intend to travel abroad, it’s definitely worth investing in a decent bike box. We have you covered with the Aerotech Evolution TSA™ is simply the best hard shell bike case available and has been for over 25 years. Developed with and tested by professional road cycling teams including Trek-Segafredo and the world’s leading triathletes like Pete Jacobs, Mario Mola, Frederik Van Lierde and many more. Aerotech Evolution TSA™ bike case is a lightweight travel solution which provides you with best protection and comfort of handling.

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It’s easy to pack your bike yourself
• The AeroTech Evolution TSA™ comes with all the necessary protection you need to pack your bike.

• If you have electronic gears, remove the battery.

• When you receive your bike bag the first time, register the product online and you’ll automatically receive an email with a walk-through instruction video manual.

• There are only few tools you require to pack your bike inside the AeroTech Evolution TSA™ bike box. A pedal spanner, a set of Allen keys and some tape to mark your seat post height.

• Remove any accessories from your bike, like a GPS unit and bottles. Any loose items in the bike bag can scratch or damage your bike frame.

• If you have electronic gears, remove the battery and store it in your hand luggage.

• Carry your helmet, pedals, shoes and GPS in your hand luggage. Should the delivery of the bike bag be delayed, you could always switch to a rental bike.

• Carry your helmet, pedals, shoes and GPS in your hand luggage. Should the delivery of the bike box be delayed you could always switch to a rental bike.

• Always inspect your luggage immediately upon receipt at your destination and report damages immediately to the airline.
If only the best will do, the AeroTech Evolution TSA™ is it.

Minimal disassembly of your bicycle, padded protection, dedicated storage space for all bike parts and lightweight material provide you with the confidence that you and your bike will arrive safely and soundly at your destination.

If your bike frame has an integrated seat post and a bike box is your preferred choice, the AeroTech Evolution TSA™ bike case is the only option for you! And the best part is that we have you covered with a global limited lifetime guarantee!
Developed and engineered in Italy, the AeroTech Evolution TSA™ is one of the lightest and robust bike cases available. The use of a patented super high impact ABS composite, developed to meet only the highest demands in respect of protection and design, offers superior mechanical properties while keeping the weight at only 12kg.
The AeroTech Evolution TSA™ has been developed around the geometry of race bikes and has a dedicated space for all bike components. Integrated wheel chambers protect your wheel set. A secured and detachable component bag holds space for the seat post, pedals, skewers and tools. The padded upholstery protects your bike frame like a cushion.
The clever Suspended Frame System (SFS), holds your bike frame firmly in place, providing extra stability and safety, just like a car’s seatbelt. Included tube pads absorb shock and avoid abrasion.
Reinforced Travel Sentry® approved TSA key locks ensure the safety of the bike as well as access to the bike case to customs authorities in the USA.
The design of the bike case allows reversing the frame inside the case to accommodate bike frames with integrated seat post extensions.


Additional Information

Name Aerotech Evolution TSA BIKE BOX
SKU TP070150502
Weight Kg 12.0000
Material Patented Lightweight ABS thermoplastic
External Dimensions L 114 cm x D 36 cm x H 94 cm
Folded Dimensions /
Closure (2) Travel Sentry® approved key locks (2) Heavy Duty Butterfly locks

What's in the box


1x Accessories Bag
2x wheel covers
1x external strap
2x antishock pads
2x steel quick release

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4 customer reviews

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  1. Safe & easy travel

    Review by blugeon (Posted on May 27, 2016)

    Soft or Hard shell? I ordered first a softshell because I found convenient to travel with a bike light. After a try with my bike (Merida 907 with an aerobar, small frame size): 1) I was not confident and ordered the Aerotech instead. To dismantel (in addition to what is described in the video): 1) I remove pad of the aerobar (mandatory for me) 2) I remove rear gear (optional, but I feel safe) 3) I add pads to protect the different parts and to avoid any moves. => the same than with a softshell (for my bike) It fits really easy. About 20min to do. Transportation: a) transport in the car (Honda jazz): 2 seats behind needs to be closed (so if you have kids with you, it does not fit!) b) walk in the street: ok for small distance, but wheels are small and it is really noisy c) carry in the stairs: Weight is ok (less than 20kg with the bike inside), really easy to grasp. My size is 168cm. d) train: really easy to roll inside and fits well e) bus: same f) in the airport: easy to roll and to drive, no noise. g) in the airplane: I feel confident I used some years ago another hardshell (a non expensive one) and it was really a nightmare to travel with: It was not easy to roll, to conduct and felt down regularly one side. Moreover it was difficult to pack! My conclusion is: Scicon Aerotech is really (too?) expensive, but if you want to travel confident with a minimum risk (protection) and with a minimum of effort to carry you bike, I can only advise it.

  2. The works

    Review by eddy55 (Posted on May 27, 2016)

    After reading reviews on this item, i decided to buy one having just returned from Majorca and hiring a cycle out there. Although it was ok its not like your own bike, This bike bag is the bizz, bike all your kit tucks nicely away.

  3. ottimo

    Review by Daniel Fontana (Posted on May 25, 2016)

    Is very resistant and light, reliable and fashionable! great.

  4. If only the best will do then this is it

    Review by JamesTimouth (Posted on May 19, 2016)

    The Aerotech is simply the best bike box out there. I've been lucky enough to travel around the world with my custom Parlee and it gets packed in the scicon bike case every time and I've never had a problem or any damage to the bike or the bike box since it got it just over 3 years ago. Can't speak highly enough of it!

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