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Aerocomfort Triathlon BIKE BAG

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If you are about to head to your next training camp or triathlon race abroad, you will most likely require a suitable container to fly with your bike. It couldn’t get much easier to pack and travel than with the Aerocomfort Triathlon™ bike bag!
Developed with and tested by some of the world’s leading Triathlon teams like BMC-Etixx and Trek Factory Racing along side individual Triathlon Stars like Frederik Van Lierde, Pete Jacobs, Dirk Bockel, Caroline Steffen, Melissa Hauschildt, Helle Frederiksen and many, many more, this bike bag has a proven track record. The Aerocomfort Triathlon™ is the world’s first bike bag designed around the geometry of TT bikes.
Lightweight and comfortable, yet providing your bike with the required protection.

This product is custom-made and usually ships within 15 work days or less.

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It’s easy to pack your bike yourself
•When you receive your bike bag the first time, register the product online and you’ll automatically receive an email with a walk-through instruction video manual.

• The AeroComfort Triathlon™ allows you to keep the aero bar extensions, handlebars and seat post in place.

• You need to remove the wheels from your bike, which requires you only to undo the quick-release skewers.

• The AeroComfort Triathlon™ arrives with all the necessary protection you need to pack your bike.

• If you choose to remove your pedals, you may need a pedal spanner. That is as far as it goes.

• Remove any accessories from your bike, like a GPS unit and bottles. Any loose items in the bike bag can scratch or damage your bike frame.

•If you choose to insert your neoprene wetsuit inside the bike bag, make sure you read the airline’s regulations first.

• If you have electronic gears, remove the battery an d store it in your hand luggage.

• Carry your helmet, pedals, shoes and GPS in your hand luggage. Should the delivery of the bike bag be delayed, you could always switch to a rental bike.

• Always inspect your luggage immediately upon receipt at your destination and report damages immediately to the airline.
If you’re a competing Triathlete with plenty of overseas travel on your agenda, the AeroComfort Triathlon™ should be your first choice, especially if you are not exactly familiar with the disassembly of your bike.

The AeroComfort Triathlon couldn’t be easier to pack and allows you to be travel or race ready within minutes.

All that you need to remove is the Quick-Release skewers of your wheels. Complementing a good bike fit, you don’t even have to remove the handlebars or Aerobars and seat post. Your bike settings stay intact and you don’t have to worry about internal wiring or restoring your settings. Essentially- no tools are required!

The AeroComfort Triathlon™ is one of the few bike bags that is suitable for bikes with integrated seat post. Minimal disassembly of your bicycle, padded protection, dedicated storage space for all bike parts and lightweight material provide you with the confidence that you and your bike will arrive safely and soundly at your destination. And the best part is that we have you covered with a global limited lifetime guarantee!
Complementing a good bike fit, you don’t even have to remove the handlebars or Aerobars and seat post. Your bike settings stay intact and you don’t have to worry about internal wiring or restoring your settings. Essentially- no tools are required!
Mounting your bike on the integrated Antishock Bike Frame provides a rigid protection of the bike’s frame, absorbing impacts.
A rugged and durable Nylon outer-shell withstands abrasion and in combination with a thick layer of high-density foam padding, provides good protection.
A padded Nylon protection cover with rigid inserts for the Aerobar extensions will protect your shifters and adds a further layer of protection.
The clever Internal strap system (ISS), holds your bike frame firmly in place and fasten the bike’s frame in the area on the handlebars, top tube and saddle to the internal Antishock Bike Frame (ABF), providing extra stability and safety, just like a car’s seatbelt.


Additional Information

Name Aerocomfort Triathlon BIKE BAG
SKU TP033000509
Weight Kg 9.2000
Material Padded Denier 840 Nylon / Metal (ABF Structure)
External Dimensions L 132 cm x D 45 cm x H 90 cm
Folded Dimensions L 112 cm x D29 cm x H 24 cm
Closure Self-healing zipper

What's in the box


1x Accessories Bag
1x aerobars protector
2x antishock pads
2x top tube protector
1x spare wheel
1x swivel head mini pump
2x steel quick release
1x neoprene saddle cover
1x rear derailleur protector
1x padded shoulder strap
1x padded front strap
1x antishock bike frame


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13 customer reviews

Average rating
  1. Easy to use

    Review by Brober (Posted on June 21, 2016)

    Having owned a few bike bags before, this was an expensive purchase but worth every $$! No adjustments needed to be made to any setting on the bike (I have a large frame on my bikes) and the protective capability for wheels and frame was great. No regrets.

  2. great quality

    Review by Gildo (Posted on June 16, 2016)

    Great bag. great protection and very easy to put my cervelo p5 on it.
    The only thing that i see a problem, the protection of REAR DERAILLEUR, because only protect the side, doesn´t protect the back.

  3. Great

    Review by Gilo (Posted on June 16, 2016)

    Great bag. Easy to transport, and very very easy to put my cervelo p5 inside.
    My only negative point is the protection of REAR DERAILLEUR, because isn´t protect the back, only the side.

  4. Safe, Simple and Secure

    Review by SWCPT (Posted on June 09, 2016)

    Great value bag that provided exactly what was required to get my tri bike from A to B. The bag is massive, and comes with everything you need including a travel pump. I have Cannondale Slice size 54 with flat tri bars - it fits like a dream. In fact I added a pair of Zipp Ski bars to the bike for a trip and although it was a little tight it all still fitted. I was slightly nervous about getting a bag vs. hard shell but a recommendation led me this way, and after watching a couple of you tube videos on how it works I felt safe. I've used the bag to fly within Europe and over to the States. Dreading the worse everytime I have had no problems. The bag always comes up under 20kg with bike, helmet, shoes stuffed inside and even some tools in the handy side pockets. One recommendation when using the bag - take the pedals off just to protect the wheels on the side - you never know that they could damage your wheels. Overall great purchased. (listed one con as bulky ... of course!)

  5. Hassle- free bike travel

    Review by Michelle B (Posted on May 27, 2016)

    I love the scicon bag as it takes the hassle and stress out of packing and unpacking your bike! I travel often for racing, so having a quick and easy bike packing process is perfect! It's also really light and easy to negotiate around airports, once again reducing travel stress!

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